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Pete and Rob’s Musical Whimsey

We, Pete Trewavas and Robin Boult, having been lifelong friends since around 5 years old, decided that it was about time we got together and made some music. After performing a few gigs under the name ‘Pete & Rob’s Musical Whimsey’, this resulted in the 5 track EP ‘Acoustic Industry’ & the label Twisted Note. More music will be available as we continue to work on ideas both collectively & individually. Please get in touch if you wish and we will do our very best to get back to you ASAP but sometimes, due to other commitments, it may not be straight away. Have a great day….   Pete & Rob


All music here is available on Bandcamp, iTunes and Big Cartel either as a download and/or a physical CD. Pete and Rob are working on new ideas both as a duo and individually. A new EP/Album will be coming very soon as well as solo projects.


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